Bactiblock® Patented Technology

Bactiblock patented technology managed to provide an equilibrate and long-lasting antimicrobial solution. Our two technologies silver ions-based boost dispersion in each base material ensuring the maximum compatibility:

Clay based: silver-functionalized clay compounds based on a naturally sourced ingredient.

Glass based: amorphous glass, relatively soluble, treated with silver.

Both technologies provide inorganic, inert, recyclable and effective additives in small concentrations and respecting our environment.

With the aim of adapting to each manufacturing process, Bactiblock additives are available in powder, gel, and masterbatch form.

Materials we can protect


Sanitary ware

Joints, grouts and building materials


Paints & Coatings


Engineering plastics

Packaging and food accesories

Sealants & Adhesives

Thermosets materials

Rubber & Elastomers materials

Non woven materials

Technical foams

If you can’t find the material you’re looking for, please contact us!

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